Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Back-to-School Petal Shirt

I saw the idea for this shirt here. But I wanted to make it a little more school appropriate for my daughter (who is going into grade 2....where does the time go?!)
We took one shirt and used heat n bond to kind of interface 2 peices of the shirt & then cut out petals. I also cut some from just the 1 layer of t shirt for some "floppy" petals. I used about 14 all together.

My daughter also helped with te cutting. This was a great do-together project & she loves to help!

I pinned them to the shirt in a cascading design and then sewed them on with my sewing machine. I went from petal to petal without cutting the thread and made a little fold in each petal to give it a more flower-like appearance. As the Crafthours blog sure to backstitch at the beginning & ending of each seam!

I then opened the bottom seam of the shirt & inserted elastic through (premeasured to her waist size).  I sewed the elastic together & tucked it into the waistband & sewed the seam shut.

I put a petal on each sleeve too (for a little pizzaz!)
I love the way it turned out!
Did I mention she loves to pose?

I think I'll make one for myself too!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Chair

So I found this chair on the side of the road. I thought ìf it`s still there on my way home, I`m picking it up! It was there. So I brought it home and my husband shook his head.
I followed the tutorial at Design Invention. Essentially I just took it apart peice by pain-staking peice (do you know how many staples they use?!). Then I cut each peice from the new fabric (which is actually a duvet that was on sale for $36!). I put it all back together & here is the end result:

Isn't it uber-cool? I am quite pleased (although I don't want anyone to sit in it! just look at it!).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Chair Tranformation (or 2)

I have had this chair for a while. I had a cover over it but decided to reupholster it. I have 2 matching ones.
Here it is all done!

Here they both are. The pillows are placemats that I stuffed! Hoping that this material willl help hide some dog hair! (He likes to sit here & look out the window).

The Daphne Sew Along

So I did it & am so happy with the results! It was a great tutorial through The Train to Crazy
It was easy to follow along & gave me some great confidence in the sewing department!
grrrr...why are my pics all skewy?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daphne dress sew along

Day 1 of the sew along! This is my first attempt at sewing a dress from scratch (other than my home ec attempts 20 years ago!). Day 1 has gone well. I have the front bodice done!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was on Regis & Kelly (well, in the audience!!)

Regis & Kelly came to the maritimes! I went with my 6 cousins. We arrived to line up at 4:30 am & scored 2nd row seats!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! How close is that!!
Peter yummy is that?!!
Kelly did her model walk during the commercial break...too funny! She is super skinny!
And my favourite band.... Lady Antebellum!! They sang "Our Kind of Love".
It was an awesome time, very exciting to be part of a live production!

My Try at a Knock off Dress

This is my first attempt at sewing clothes for my daughter. I think it turned out pretty good! I followed the tutorial by Realynn (how do you do the thing that will take you to her site when you click on it?)
My supplies
Shirring.....didn't know it was called that & I love it! It's a fun word to say...
She likes it, despite the sad face.
I even tried some fabric flowers!