Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Chair

So I found this chair on the side of the road. I thought ìf it`s still there on my way home, I`m picking it up! It was there. So I brought it home and my husband shook his head.
I followed the tutorial at Design Invention. Essentially I just took it apart peice by pain-staking peice (do you know how many staples they use?!). Then I cut each peice from the new fabric (which is actually a duvet that was on sale for $36!). I put it all back together & here is the end result:

Isn't it uber-cool? I am quite pleased (although I don't want anyone to sit in it! just look at it!).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Chair Tranformation (or 2)

I have had this chair for a while. I had a cover over it but decided to reupholster it. I have 2 matching ones.
Here it is all done!

Here they both are. The pillows are placemats that I stuffed! Hoping that this material willl help hide some dog hair! (He likes to sit here & look out the window).

The Daphne Sew Along

So I did it & am so happy with the results! It was a great tutorial through The Train to Crazy
It was easy to follow along & gave me some great confidence in the sewing department!
grrrr...why are my pics all skewy?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daphne dress sew along

Day 1 of the sew along! This is my first attempt at sewing a dress from scratch (other than my home ec attempts 20 years ago!). Day 1 has gone well. I have the front bodice done!