Monday, August 9, 2010

Daphne dress sew along

Day 1 of the sew along! This is my first attempt at sewing a dress from scratch (other than my home ec attempts 20 years ago!). Day 1 has gone well. I have the front bodice done!


  1. Hi. Got here from the sew along. I see where you asked how to link to a site and since I would love to see the tutorial by Realynn for the dress you made I thought I'd tell you how! When you post make sure you're on the compose button. First, open a new window and go to the specific page you want to link to, then highlight and copy the address in the address bar. Back at your post all you need to do is highlight the word(s) you want as a link, then click the link button across the top of your post template. When the little box comes up, you just paste or type in the address you want the link to go to. You can do it! Loved visiting.