Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Love

Don't cha just love baby toes? Yum!
and baby foots?
My new nephew & my daughter. Sweet!

A Teacher's Gift

This a little arts & crafts project that we did for my daughter's grade 1 teacher. She loved it! I saw the idea on another blog----sorry, I don't remember who to give credit to!
(Don't you love, love, love my toothless one?)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY showoff!

So excited to learn that my 2 little posts will be featured on The DIY Showoff! I love that blog!
Here are some of today's finds. I love to bring home junk!

oops...that's my silly dog...not junk!

these bowls were so colourful. I will put my fruit in them (can you tell it's the-day-before-grocery day?)
this vase was very dirty but supercute!
I found this lamp at the ReStore for $10. I Ithink I'll paint it black & use damask on the shade. Check back later for  the results!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One old chair

I found this old chair in a barn. It had seen better days but it was solid.
My daughter & I glued it...
sanded it...
and tadah! after a few sprays of black spray paint & a pretty new seat, we have  a winner!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Old China cabinet

So I fell out of love with my old china cabinet. She was dull & boring...

So I brigtened her up with, like 400 thousands coats of what I thought was white melamine. Dang, it wasn't! It was creamy and didn't go against my nice crisp white wood panelled wall. Grrrr. So I painted another 400 coats of WHITE paint.
I wallpapered her back. I had this wallpaper left over from another project. It was freakin' expensive$$$. I thought I only needed one roll forthat project but was short by just a hair. Therefore the excess paper & the excess $$$. And I will use every last scrap of the darned stuff!

TAAA-dah! Isn't she prrruddy?

Here are some of my peonies in an old pee pot....I think that is what it is...

So there it is! My first real entry! After watching for so long, I am so excited!

New to this!

I have been a creeper for so long that I decided to jump ship & start my own blog!